Love Letter #5

10 Jun 2021

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Hey Bud,

I know you’re standing front of the mirror asking yourself if you’ve done enough. I also know that you wouldn’t believe me if I said that you have. The truth is, I can’t know that and neither can you.

At least eighty percent of everything we do goes unseen by us. Little snatches of images and impressions. Things left behind, notes written and never sent. I can’t tell you if you’ve done enough today. Or this week, or this year, or at all. I can tell you that wondering if you’ve done enough doesn’t actually help you do the things you want in this world.

I can also tell you that the concept of “enough” is the kind of capitalist shit that’s built on white supremacy and a generational system of exploitation that assigns value to individual people based, not on their own personal principles, but on the very system that’s exploiting them in the first place.

We’re already being fucked by the dick of capitalism enough, don’t you think? And I hope I didn’t just make you feel bad about feeling bad because that’s not my intention, but I’ve been told that sometimes it’s my impact.

“Have I done enough?” and “have I done it right?” are not always questions we can answer. If you want my advice, when you ask yourself questions like these, sit for a minute, write down how you can be better to yourself and others tomorrow and then let that shit go.

Know that I love you regardless of how much or how little you do. I love you for being here and being yourself. As long as you’re that, you’re more than enough for me.

Keep your head up, this place sucks sometimes.

Love always,